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A Guide on How to Cover Garage Door Windows for Style and Privacy

Your garage door windows serve as a gateway to natural light, but sometimes, you may want to maintain your privacy or block out the sun’s intense rays. Covering your garage door windows can be an excellent security, aesthetics, or climate control solution. In this blog post, we’ll explore creative ways how to cover garage door windows to enhance your style and privacy.

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Types of Garage Door Window Coverings

Before we talk about the how-to, let’s explore some popular options for covering garage door windows:

  1. Blinds and Shades: Garage door blinds and shades come in various materials and styles, offering both privacy and light control. Choose from horizontal or vertical blinds or cellular shades, depending on your preferences.
  2. Frosted Glass or Window Film: Applying frosted glass or window film to your garage door windows allows light to filter in while obscuring the view from the outside. This is an excellent choice for enhancing privacy.
  3. Curtains and Drapes: Garage door curtains and drapes come in countless colors and patterns, allowing you to add a touch of style to your garage. They can be drawn open or closed for privacy as needed.
  4. Shutters: Installing shutters on your garage door windows adds a classic and timeless look to your home. You can adjust the louvers to control light and visibility.

How to Cover Garage Door Windows

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to cover your garage door windows:

  1. Measure the Windows: Accurate measurements are crucial. Measure the height and width of each window, ensuring you have the right dimensions for your chosen window coverings.
  2. Select Your Covering: Choose the type of covering that best suits your needs and style. Whether it’s blinds, curtains, or frosted glass, make your selection.
  3. Install the Covering: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation. This may involve mounting brackets, screws, or adhesive, depending on the covering you’ve chosen.
  4. Test for Functionality: After installation, ensure your chosen covering functions as expected. Open and close blinds or curtains, adjust the louvers on shutters and test the privacy level.
  5. Maintain Regularly: Depending on your choice of covering, you may need to clean or maintain it periodically. Follow the care instructions to keep your garage door windows looking their best.

Following these steps, you can achieve the perfect balance of style and privacy for your garage door windows.


Can I Cover My Garage Door Windows Without Blocking All Light?

Yes, you can! Consider using sheer curtains, frosted window film, or blinds with adjustable slats. These options allow you to control the amount of light while maintaining privacy.

Are There Garage Door Window Coverings Suitable for Extreme Climates?

Absolutely. Some window coverings are designed to insulate against extreme temperatures. Cellular shades, for instance, offer thermal efficiency, making them a great choice for regions with harsh winters or scorching summers. For garage door repair in Hampton to address any potential issues related to your garage door or its window coverings, contact a professional in your area.