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How To Fix The Sensors On Overhead Garage Doors?

The sensors of an automatic garage door are very important because they prevent the door from closing on individuals, animals, and objects that come in its way.  They are positioned at the bottom of each side of the door opening.

There are a lot of signs that show the sensors of the door are not working fine. In many cases, you can fix the issues yourself, but if you can’t handle them, it is better to hire a garage door repair service.

In this article, we are going to share valuable information on how to fix the sensors on an overhead garage door.

Garage Door Repair Lincoln Village, Linden

Clean the safety eyes

First of all, you have to clear dirt and grime from the garage door photo eye that builds up with the passage of time and stop the sensors to work properly.

Assess the photo-eye and clean it with a piece of cloth. If the door is broken, hire Garage Door Replacement Lincoln Village service.

Bent sensor mount

A bent sensor mount is the biggest issue that doesn’t allow the sensors to work perfectly. If the frame mount is deformed, the light beam will not be able to send signals from the transmitter to the receiver.

The mount brackets are made of aluminum, so they can easily bend when people hit them with a tool or bike. By using your hand, you can bend them again in their actual shape. If you think the sensors are totally damaged, hire Garage Door Service Linden.

Adjust sensors

It is necessary to check if the door sensors are properly aligned or not because if they aren’t, they won’t work perfectly. It is better to fix them in the evening to see the indicator lights effortlessly. The indicator lights will inform you if the system is working well or not.

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