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How To Fix A Garage Door Cable On Your Own?

The automatic garage door cable repair task is a little difficult than it appears. If you want to repair or replace it yourself, then you have to be very cautious because of the springs of the door. A small mistake can lead you to severe injury.

That’s why; it is recommended to hire an expert garage door repair service. Here are some tips you have to follow to fix the cable of your door.

Garage Door Repair Kennedy, Lathrop

What is the role of garage door cable?

The cable is one of the most essential parts of the door that runs through the springs and performs the heavy lifting every time the door opens or closes. In case of a spring failure, it serves as a backup and prevents damage to the property and injuries. Therefore, the cable must be in good condition and properly aligned.

Be prepared

First of all, before starting to repair the cable, make sure the garage door is closed. If the door has a slack cable, you can cut it from the end to remove all the slack.


When the door is properly closed, it becomes easy to remove the old cable and put the new one. Ensure that there is enough tension in the cable once you have finished the Garage Door Spring Replacement Kennedy job.


To test the cable, you have to be extra careful and keep 15 feet distance between the door and yourself while opening it to prevent an injury. You will stay safe in case you have committed a mistake on installation.

While installing the cable, remember that there should not be too much slack because it won’t allow the door to open and close perfectly. The cable should be tightened and also, inspect it twice a year by hiring garage door service Lathrop.

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