garage door spring repair Midlothian

Garage Door Spring Repair vs Replacement: When To Choose Each Option

Over time, the metal coils and cables that make up garage door springs will weaken from continuous use. Residents of Midlothian, VA face choices about garage door spring repair vs replacement. While minor issues may be fixed, some problems require full replacement. Understanding when each option is best leads to safer, more cost-effective solutions.

garage door spring repair Midlothian

When Repair Is Feasible

If only one spring is damaged, repairing it can restore balance and proper function. Repair may also be an option if damage is limited to a single coil or cable. An experienced technician can sometimes replace just the affected section. This is cheaper than full replacement and avoids downtime with a new door installation.

When Replacement Is Necessary

However, springs should always be replaced in pairs for balance. Replacing just one risks injury. Full replacement is also needed if springs show signs of advanced corrosion, multiple broken coils or cables stretched beyond specification. At this point, repair will not restore adequate lifting power or safety.

Assess Tension and Lifespan

Springs are rated for a certain number of open-close cycles. Once they surpass 85% of maximum tension capacity or intended lifespan, replacement is recommended even if no issues appear. Continued use risks sudden failure that could cause injury.

In conclusion, minor garage door spring repair can sometimes fix localized problems. But for advanced damage, imbalance or exceeding rated lifespan, full replacement is the safer choice. Knowing when each option applies leads to the right solution for homeowners’ needs.


How can I tell if my springs need repair or replacement?

Watch for cracks, rust, broken coils or cables, changes in operation, and tension that’s too high.

What is the expected lifespan of garage door springs?

Quality springs typically last 5-7 years with regular use before replacement is recommended.