Creative Tips - Low-Cost Remodeling - Kitchen

Creative Tips – Low-Cost Remodeling – Kitchen

Can’t stand the old-fashioned tiles in your kitchen anymore? Is the soundboard too scratched and bland? Are you sick of your furniture? Enjoy the excitement and make a total makeover with little money…

Here are some economical tips for remodeling your kitchen, just take a few pieces and choose some more affordable materials, combining them with more modern pieces / materials. It will result in a completely different space and certainly more current!

Kitchen remodeling is very tricky job. You can do a little remodeling only on your own. But, for full remodeling, you need to hire kitchen refurbishment service at Builders London.

Creative Tips - Low-Cost Remodeling - Kitchen

Follow some creative tips:

  • Apply new coatings over existing ones using appropriate glues, saving time and labor;
  • If possible take advantage of existing cabinet hulls by replacing only the doors and drawer fronts with a more up-to-date material. With this simple change your kitchen will immediately have a new look;
  • If you want to take full advantage of furniture, you can choose to replace only the old handles with ones with a more modern design, a very economical change that gives a different look to your kitchen environment;
  • Escape the typical kitchen lighting; opt for a simple, sophisticated-looking lighting, giving the space a modern design;
  • If you want to replace some appliances, try to standardize their materiality, avoiding mixing materials such as stainless steel and plastic. When kitchen appliances are not built-in, they make a big impact on space;
  • Replace the old curtains with a simple roller blind with a pattern / color that fits the rest of the decor.

There are many examples of a partial remodeling of a kitchen for only €2,200, including coverings, worktop, faucet, sink, replacement of doors and drawer fronts, lighting, top-floor execution of furniture and lacquering of entry doors and pantry. For more info visit